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We serve all documents from each Court level, including but not limited to QCAT, Claims, Enforcement Hearing Summons, Family Law, Divorce, Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Petitions.  Contact us now for assistance.

Bailiff service and execution fees

David Page is the Magistrates Court Bailiff for these three court jurisdictions

  • Rockhampton
  • Yeppoon
  • Gladstone

Bailiff Services
So we are the Rockhampton, Gladstone and Yeppoon Magistrates Court Bailiff’s Office for QCAT, Claims and Enforcement Hearing Summons (Civil matters)

The duties may pertain to serving the Civil Matter or require as bailiff the duties as an enforcement officer carry out or execute an enforcement warrant, within the civil jurisdiction of the magistrates’ court.

The fee schedule is set by the Queensland Government as is PER PERSON

The fee is the maximum amount that may be claimed from the court and as the bailiff, the fees charge the allowable fees outlined on the QLD Government website

If a magistrate’s court grants costs, it will allow only these set bailiff fees to be paid.

Therefore use the search function to find the allowable fees, but be aware, that for the correct fee to be allocated to your Claim or QCAT Application or Enforcement Hearing Summons, you must provide the full address as per the regulation. i.e; 6999 Smith Road, Smithsville, QLD 4999 (not Smith Road, Smithsville, QLD 4999). If you don’t put the full address is, the results will not be accurate and will not reflect the true fee the bailiff will charge for the service.

Search for service and execution fees
see below link – note there is no gst on Bailiff Fees

LINK: Bailiff service and execution fees | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government (

Rockhampton Matters:  

Yeppoon Matters:

Gladstone Matters:

Phone: (07) 4926 1585 or 0418 798 563.
Additional Services – include GST and includes not only Rockhampton, Gladstone & Yeppoon, but Mackay and all areas as listed for Action-Merc

In addition to the above, you can request service of Family Law, Divorce, other documents for service, through the Bailiff’s other business: Action-Merc. These fees quoted vary, as to whether Personal (Family Law, Divorce, etc) or Non-Personal Service is required and is quoted on application. All enquiries to or (07) 4926 3772 or 0418 798 563

Location Services –  – include GST

At times you may require documents to be served but currently are unable to provide an Address for Service.  Our company has provided skip tracing services in Australia for over 20 years with the aim to locating missing persons, but for legal purposes only.

All enquiries to or (07) 4926 3772 or 0418 798 563