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Action-Merc Investigations

All services are undertaken by qualified and experienced agents that are skilled in all areas of communication and have been trained how best to perform their task. Our agents not only reflect professionalism, they also reflect upon clients we represent. All Surveillance and Investigations activity is in in accordance with state and federal laws and understand the importance of providing effective surveillance investigations to meet the unique needs of our clients

Our agents undertake surveillance activities using the latest technologies and surveillance methodologies.

Our aim is to gather undeniable facts, ethically and legally, so our clients can present the factual evidence within all court jurisdictions. All clients are offered high definition video footage, photographs, surveillance logs and reports of the surveillance activities they have requested, with video film obtained in 90% of all surveillance operations.

Our agent uses the most up to date surveillance equipment. This includes hidden and body cameras, as well as long range cameras.

Our main area of expertise is with Workers Compensation claims and insurance claims. As a consequence of our investigations, our insurance clients have regularly benefited from substantially reduced settlements or the complete withdrawal of the claim.

Our basic structure for pricing is standard, with two charge-out points using both Rockhampton and Bundaberg as the Base from the main Post Office


City Charge-Out Points: Bundaberg & Rockhampton


With pricing to cover, but not excluded to, surveillance hours, surveillance, travel, surveillance km, surveillance hours, outlays, registered mail, and final reporting (if required)


These are based on the client requirements, and individual to the particular instruction.

We have pricing structures to suit the needs of your business and welcome all enquiries and written quotes can be provided by email. All enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0418 798 563